How can I determine if My girl is Just Flirting enjoyment?

Reader Question:

How carry out I know if my sweetheart is “fun flirting” or if she doesn’t love me personally anymore?

-Colin B. (Virginia)

Specialist’s Response:

Hello Colin,

What an interesting concern. When we had been having a two way discussion, I would ask you couple looking for threesome a lot more details. But since this is actually me personally practically composing you a letter, i shall have to use my creative imagination and cognoscente creativity. I am assuming you and this girl tend to be unique. (if you should ben’t unique, then you definitely really do not reach worry about the level of flirting this woman is undertaking.) okay, therefore if we have now founded your two of you are exclusive plus sweetheart is hugging, holding fingers with, whispering to and giggling at every little thing your 10 finest guy friends state, after that “Houston, we’ve problematic.”

The definition of flirting would be to “behave as though attracted to or wanting to attract somebody, however for entertainment in the place of with significant purposes.” Even in the event the sweetheart doesn’t anticipate in fact generating out with or asleep with among the dudes she flirts with, it is still upsetting for you – no matter what standard of flirting really. It’s likely that, she doesn’t even understand she is doing it. Very remain their all the way down and tell her regarding how it certainly makes you feel. If she listens and prevents flirting along with other guys, subsequently she cares about you. If she continues the woman enjoyable flirty steps, it’s possible she is not willing to subside.

Thanks for trying,


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